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Bayside Montessori School

Bayside Montessori SchoolBayside Montessori School is a private preschool and kindergarten in Kingston, Ontario. Founded as a Montessori school in 1989, Bayside Montessori School provides its students with the highest calibre of education.

Bayside Montessori School | 30 Years

The Montessori Difference

For four years we have attended Bayside Montessori, and each day we are so thankful for the calming, enriching and encouraging environment provided for our daughters. Bayside Montessori has become an extension of our family. The staff are thoughtful and fully involved in all aspects of our daughter’s development including social skills, language, physical health and of course their academic achievement.  The greatest value from the Bayside Montessori program has not only been the knowledge gained, but more so the enjoyment of independent learning that we continue see in our children both inside and outside of the classroom. We are so grateful for this as it will serve them very well in their lives. It is a true gift to find someone else who will take care of your children the way you would, and to know, without question that they are in good hands; Bayside Montessori has provided us this and more. We look forward to two more years of being a part of the Bayside Montessori community and highly recommend it to everyone. 

We are a child-centered Community

Child Centered Community

Our Montessori classroom is made up of children of mixed-ages, ranging from 30 months to 5 years and each child usually has the same teacher for three years. The mixed-age grouping corresponds to Maria Montessori’s theory of child development, which is based on three-year cycles.

In our multi-age setting, the children learn from each other, and because of each other. Younger children get a chance to look ahead to what is coming next by watching the older children. Older children have the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge by sharing it with the younger children.

Because of their interaction, the children learn to take responsibility for themselves and for each other. They also learn to get along with children of differing ages and abilities, to respect each other’s work and workspace, and to treat one another with courtesy. They learn to excuse themselves, to greet each other, and to phrase requests politely. They also take an active role in maintaining their classroom by, among other things, putting materials away in their proper place, ready for the next child to use. In short, the classroom becomes a thriving community where children are treated with respect and dignity and want to treat others with the same respect and dignity.

Our Teachers

Meet our wonderful teachers

Melissa Coy

Melissa Coy

Owner / Teacher & Administrator

Janice Ducharme

Janice Ducharme

Head Teacher

Paula Muler

Paula Muler

French Teacher

Susan Bruce

Susan Bryce