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Why I love my job

Montessori Letter Montessori Letter Montessori Letter

As I enjoy some time off from school, on a rainy day like today, I find myself The beginning of the new year is always exciting. We rekindle relationships with returning students and begin to forge relationships with the new students. Every student, beginner or veteran, has a year of new experiences and learning ahead of them. The possibilities are limitless in where the year will take us, and before we know it, that “new year” has come to an end. The child that came to us in September has grown intellectually, physically and culturally, and we can now reap the rewards of our hard work in assisting this young one on their road to adulthood.

Though all students benefit from a year at Bayside Montessori, it is those students who remain with us for three to four years that will astonish us with their knowledge. This year, one of our graduates proved to us that her three years of attending our program has benefitted her in every way. She left us with this note (see the pictures), which encompasses our love and dedication to each and every one of our students.