By direct translation, the Casa classroom means ‘the Children’s house’. Inside, a warm and nurturing environment is found where three years’ worth of curriculum is found on the shelves for the children to work through at their own pace. The classroom consists of child-sized tables and chairs and the materials are easily accessible to the students. The Casa classroom is divided into five areas; Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, and Cultural Studies. The aim of the program is to promote a love of learning while developing the whole child, socially and academically. Independence is fostered in the students by allowing them to explore the activities and ask questions freely.  The children choose activities for themselves and receive individualized instruction from teachers based on their needs, interests, and understanding. A Montessori classroom is a wonderful place for children to learn and grow within the freedoms and structure of the program. Each child is appreciated for who they are; their characters and strengths are recognized and appreciated in each individual. The Casa class is ideally a three-year cycle that begins at pre-school age and replaces kindergarten. This allows the students to be guided by the same teachers for three years, establishing a special relationship and preparing them for further education.