Hello and Welcome to all Our Returning and New families!

This is going to be an exceptional year as we transition back to our pre-COVID routines, keeping in mind that COVID is still a part of our lives.

Returning students begin school on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. Please ensure all your child’s emergency records, like address and phone numbers, are up to date. Also, please provide the school with any new immunization records.
New students will be given a first-day-of-school start date in a separate email. Also, in this email, we will be requesting any missing information we may need from you. All information must be handed in before your child can begin school.

Firstly, we have done away with the barriers on our tables! Also, masks are no longer mandatory, but rather a choice. Staff will not be masked and it is up to you whether you choose to send your child to school in a mask or not.

We will no longer be using Brightwheel as a form of communication. For inquiries concerning the school, please contact me at For questions about your child’s academics, please contact either me or Jan at

If you wish to report an absence or have a general question, please email the school at
For tuition fees or other payments, you may use a cheque or an e-transfer to