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Dear Parents,

Hello, and welcome to a very different looking school year!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to the open house. It was nice to see everyone and practice our new protocols. It will make dropping off go smoothly. As promised, there have already been some changes to share with you. Firstly, we are no longer required to take temperatures, but for the time it takes, we have decided to continue with the practice. Also, the assessment form has changes some. We have included a copy in another attachment found with this newsletter. We want to remind everyone that if your child has one or more or symptoms found on the assessment, go get tested. If your child comes to school and is found to have any symptoms, we will have to send him/her home and you must get them tested. If the test is negative, your child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning or 48 in case of gastrointestinal issues. Even if you believe your child not to have COVID 19, if one or more symptoms are present, your child will not be permitted at school until he or she is tested and found negative. A positive test will result in a 14 day quarantine and a return to school based on the KFL&A Health Unit’s advice. This is mandated by the KFL&A Health Unit and we must abide to keep our license. if you must go to an assessment centre you must present this assessment number to the healthcare provider. 2241-2020-00146.

To open our doors to our students, we have had to endure some challenges. The biggest challenge is how to sanitise all the materials and toys twice per day every day. Also, we are having to hire an extra full-time, staff member to assist when a child or a teacher becomes ill. The province has promised us some funding for the extra staff. The sanitising falls to us. The KFL&A Heath Unit has suggested that we purchase a commercial dishwasher. It must be commercial to meet the sanitization standards requires by KFL&A. We have investigated this and found a 2014 used dishwasher for $2,500.00 before taxes and installation. We are hoping to purchase the used dishwasher provided KCS has the space for a 220 volt breaker in the breaker box.
We see no value in forcing our parents to sell cheese or chocolate bars or whatever to reach our dishwasher needs. If anyone is interested in donating to our dishwasher fund, we would be thrilled with a little financial assistance. No pressure, just putting it out there.

All returning children begin on Tuesday September 1st. The new students will begin after the Labour day holiday. If you are unsure of your child’s start date, please contact Melissa. If you have not handed in all the forms for the parent handbook or the new health regulations, please do so by your child’s first day of school. All tuition payments are due by September 1.

Please remember that when entering the playground, go to the left and follow the path around to our entrance. When leaving the assessment point, continue to the left toward the playground gate. We hope to have reminders painted on the walkway, but the rain may not allow us to do this. Sometimes our path becomes flooded. Please cut across the climber’s surface if this happens.

We are all very excited to begin a new chapter at Bayside Montessori. It seems a little challenging and even a bit frightening because of the unknown. Please know that we are in this together and we will make every effort to ensure your children/ our students are safe and happy at school. If you have questions, you can always email Melissa. She is happy to set up a phone call or a video call or simply answer by email.
All the best,

Melissa, Jan, Susan and Paula