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Sensorial Development


Sensorial activities allow the child to refine each of their senses:

  • Sight (visual),
  • Touch (tactile),
  • Smell (olfactory),
  • Taste (gustatory)
  • Sound (auditory)
  • Stereognostic (kinaesthetic).

Includes the manipulation of specifically designed materials that isolate qualities. Refines fine motor skills, visual and auditory senses and develops coordination and the ability to order and classify. Materials include Pink Tower, Brown Stairs, Knobbed Cylinders, Colour Tablets.

Sensorial training provides a basis for learning in an orderly manner, which prepares children’s minds for mathematics. The materials refine the senses and develop cognitive skills such as thinking, judging, associating, and comparing. Activities include visual discrimination by size, colour, shape, etc.; discrimination by audibility, smell, texture and heat conducting properties; pattern recognition and sequencing.