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Field Trips & Visitors

Our Field Trips & Visitors

Every month, we have either a special outing to an exciting place or a  fun and educational visitor to the school. For field trips, our mode of transportation is a school bus. Upon your child’s enrolment or at the beginning of the new school year, you will be asked to pay a fee that will cover all field trips for the year. This includes the cost of the trip and the cost of the bus. If a trip that we did not plan on becomes available, we will ask for extra fees.

Field trips include shows at the Grand Theatre, visits to the Cataraqui conservation Area, Waddel’s Apple Orchard and other regional attractions.  Past guests have included OSPCA of Ontario, Ottawa Valley Country Music inductee and renowned fiddle player- Kelli Trottier, and Crock-A-Doodle.

Current School Year Field Trips & Visitors

January 17 – Art with Vanessa

February 14 10:15 – The Conservatory of Dance performance

March 2 10:30 – The Grand Theatre – Llama Llama

April 23 – Lennox and Addington County Museum

May – Dream Catcher Farms

TBA – Magesterra Soloists

Previous Field Trips & Visitors

Apple Picking

Bayside Montessori went to Wadell’s Apple Orchard. We were greeted by Marita Wadell and Farmer Charlie. We followed Farmer Charlie back to the picking area, and he showed us how to pick an apple properly. Always remember that the bottom of the apple, called the eye, needs to be tipped to the sky[…]

Plaque Attack

The Plaque Attack adventure with the kids is extremely interactive. The kids will have a chance to hold and see real x-rays, molds of teeth, dress as a dentist by wearing gloves and masks, as well as some fun songs and movements to help remember how to and long to brush for! We have a pet dragon named Kate that comes along with us to help show the kids the technique of brushing, who sometimes […]

Maple Madness

We will learn how to collect sap and make maple syrup using methods from the past and present!

4 Cats Art

4 Cats will visit us and we will be making Plasticine beavers

Bellevue House Excursion

Visit to the home of Sir John A MacDonald in celebration of Canada’s 150 anniversary!