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Hello Parents and Caregivers,

Which brings me to my first request to please ensure that the people who pick up your children have read and understood the Parent Handbook policies and that they read the newsletter. We want to ensure that we are all aware of our school environment.

The October newsletter is usually one of the longest. We like to go over some important points through the observations we have made of your children and of you! Ha! You didn’t think we were watching, did you? All kidding aside, we do have a few reminders that will ensure the welfare of all.

First, unless your child has a rest at school, we ask that all stuffies remain safely at home. Like Water bottles and outside food, there could be contamination from peanuts that no one may really be aware of. The oils of products containing peanuts or other possible allergens can transfer on to anything, including the items coming into the classroom. We want our friends with allergies, and their parents to always feel safe in our school, so please, remove all toys, water bottles and food from backpacks or pockets before arriving.

A few of the cubbies are becoming congested with extra clothes. Your child should only need one change of seasonal clothing to be kept in the container on the bottom shelf of their cubbies. You may also want to send, one sweater, to wear inside when it is cooler, and any seasonal outdoor wear. This time of year, splash pants and a fall coat are great choices. If you send mitts, please ensure that they are indeed mitts and not gloves. Imagine us trying to put gloves on 20 pairs of little hands. It would be a bit frustrating! If your child can put gloves on, independently, you may send them. We will send gloves home if we feel mitts are a better choice. Footwear must be closed-toe, fit properly and be appropriate for running and exercising. We don’t allow crocks at all.

If you have not brought in UHU glue sticks yet, please do so within the next week. Remember, they must be UHU!

We have a lot going on in October, beginning with a visit from Claire LaPlante, Maeve’s mom.

“My fellow Bayside Montessori parents, I’d like to tell you about a project that is very important to me. This year, I’ve started a local chapter of the volunteer organization known as Basketeers. This group aims to provide encouraging gift baskets to support women transitioning away from violence or abuse. These laundry baskets are filled with niceties and necessities that are helpful to someone making a new start in life. Kind volunteers (like you!) compile the baskets and Basketeers co-ordinates with local crisis centres to distribute the baskets around the holidays.

I am kicking off the inaugural campaign by reaching out to people I know in the community and asking you to consider creating a basket for our drop-off day on November 23. Maeve and I enjoy shopping for and wrapping the baskets, and this is now a tradition we look forward to every holiday season. I hope you can start the same tradition with your child! I will also bring an empty hamper to the classroom, along with a list of suggested items if you wish to contribute to the class basket in the coming months. Please check out the Basketeers site for more information or contact me directly at ! Sincere thanks, Claire LaPlante (aka Maeve’s Mom).”

Claire will be here on Wednesday, October 2nd at 10:30, to speak with the children about the basket that we will prepare as a school.

Monday, October 14th is Thanksgiving. There is no school on this day.

Thursday, October 17th is school photo day. Photos will take place all morning.

Tuesday, October 22nd is our trip to the library. The bus will leave promptly at 9:45 and return at 11:00.

Thursday, October 31st is black and orange day. Please send your child in wearing black and orange. We ask that your child not come to school in their Halloween costume.

Friday, November 1st is a professional day. The children do not come to school on this day.

Please find a calendar of events for October and a list of field trips for the year.

Let’s have a fabulous October!!!

~ Melissa and Staff

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