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February 2019

Dear Parents, It is hard to believe that we have reached the sixth-month mark already! In Fact, we will celebrate 100 days of school on February 12th! We have a few reminders for February, beginning with Friday, February 1st, which is a professional day. There is no school for the children on this day. Also, […]

January 2019!

Dear Parents, The new year is looking bright and exciting! We will begin our study of space this month! Also, reports on your child’s progress will come out at the beginning of February. After reports come out, we will be asking for your re-enrollment commitment. Please know that we have a very long wait list […]

Montessori, What Every Parent Should Know

I’ve been a Montessorian for the better part of my life which is approximately 30 years. One thing I have learned is all parents ask very similar questions when looking into a Montessori program for their child. So, as a new parent, what questions should you be asking as you begin to explore Montessori schools? [...]

Cultural Diversity Through Celebrations

December is the time of year when most Canadian families will celebrate Christmas and what it means to them. At Bayside Montessori we celebrate everything! We try to incorporate the beliefs and celebrations not only of our families, but we also discuss the many different celebrations in the world during this time of year. Do […]

Help Us Battle Allergies!

What’s New at Bayside Montessori? We ask the each parent provide $5.00 per child for the purchase of Aveeno sunscreen to be used by all students. This new practice will stop any allergic reactions due to sunscreen cross contamination.  If your child has severe allergies and must use a specific sunscreen, we will need written […]

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Bayside Montessori School
Bayside Montessori School
Photo Day is this Thursday!
Bayside Montessori School
Bayside Montessori School
Today we became Basekteers! A local chapter of the volunteer organization known as Basketeers, aims to provide encouraging gift baskets to support women transitioning away from violence or abuse. These laundry baskets are filled with niceties and necessities that are helpful to someone making a new start in life. Kind volunteers (like us and you!) compile the baskets and Basketeers co-ordinates with local crisis centres to distribute the baskets around the holidays.

Please check out the Basketeers site for more information or contact Claire at!
Anyone wishing to drop off donations at Bayside Montessori school may do so! We are planning to have our basket(s) completed by November 15th.
Bayside Montessori School
Bayside Montessori School updated their cover photo.
Bayside Montessori School
Bayside Montessori School
October kicks off our kindness project! This little guy is the first recipient of the Kindness Crown. His peers came up with thoughts on why he is kind; he holds my hand, he tells me he likes my picture, he helps me tidy up and he tells me I am doing a good job, were just a few of the suggestions!