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Learning to speak French Canadian

Bayside Montessori offers a unique early French program for our students who have been with us for at least one year, who can spell and read phonetically in English and can demonstrate the maturity to attend French class. Our children receive French instruction, from a certified Montessori French teacher, two afternoons per week for approximately 1 hour. French materials are available to these students during regular classroom time as well.  Many of our students have gone on to French immersion programs, successfully integrating all that they have learned from this early exposure.

The Montessori philosophy allows our young students to rapidly develop fluency skills. The class is designed to parallel a first language learner’s natural language acquisition. All types of learners are supported as there is an emphasis on kinesthetic, auditory, and visual acquisition of the language through the use of hands-on experiences. As a result, in the French class, the students are active participants, engaged and proud of their accomplishments.

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