We will be using the Accelerated Integrated Methodology (AIM) to introduce our students to French.

AIM brings true transformation to the experience of teaching and learning languages.  Teachers use hand gestures, every day items found in our classroom and repetition to encourage our students to speak French.

The AIM philosophy aligns beautifully with many of Montessori’s core beliefs. With its innovative Gesture Approach and focus on movement through drama and choreography, the AIM is the first language program to provide at its core, a truly active, participatory, hands-on experience for the learner. Through this multi-modal, supportive approach, students have extensive opportunities for oral and written language production, unlike typical FS classes, where, on average, each

student speaks for only one to two minutes per class. Because the teacher gestures everything sh/e communicates to students, shy students and those who need more time and support as well as strong students are all provided with opportunities to learn in the way that is best suited to them. AIM’s pleasant repetition is one of the key reasons for its success. Creativity abounds in the program, where students learn to write stories, dramatize, create stories improvisationally, choreograph dances, write songs and raps and much more. Because students gain the language skills necessary to allow them to be productive, we typically see AIM students working hard and in a focused manner, engaging fully in the creative process with partners and groups, learning from each other and demonstrating independence.


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