February image

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that we have reached the sixth-month mark already! In Fact, we will celebrate 100 days of school on February 12th!

We have a few reminders for February, beginning with Friday, February 1st, which is a professional day. There is no school for the children on this day. Also, another day where we do not have school is Monday, February 18th, which is Family Day.

We do have a few other dates to keep in mind, beginning with Tuesday, February 5th. Photographer, Bryce Murdock will be joining us to take pictures for our website.

On February 7th local musician, Spencer Evens will be visiting. Spencer will be playing some jazz and blues for the children, as well as teaching them about the various instruments he plays. It should prove to be a very fun morning!

Other events happening in February include yoga on the 13 and Valentines day on the 14th.  The children are encouraged to wear red on Valentine’s Day. Special collection bags will be available for the parents to place cards in. A list of children is included with this email. We do suggest that instead of writing out each child’s name on a card, you simply have your child sign the cards and then you can easily place one in each child’s collection bag. You are welcome to provide non-food items with your child’s cards. Please keep the items small, as the collection bags are not that big.

Finally, February marks re-enrolment time. You will be receiving a package, very soon, to complete and return to us within a specific time-frame.

We would like to remind you that if your child is going to be late for school or absent to please let us know as early as possible. For those who need to let us know the day of the absence or late arrival, please call the school at 613-561-6580. Leaving a message will be received sooner than an e-mail. It is important for us to know for a few reasons; if it is an illness, we need to record it, as some illnesses need to be reported to the Health Unit. If it is a late arrival or absence for other reasons, we can make an adjustment to the number of snacks and lunches being served.

Looking to March, please keep in mind that March Break begins Friday, March 8th and ends Friday, March 15th. The school will resume on Monday, March 18th.