December is the time of year when most Canadian families will celebrate Christmas and what it means to them. At Bayside Montessori we celebrate everything! We try to incorporate the beliefs and celebrations not only of our families, but we also discuss the many different celebrations in the world during this time of year.

Do we celebrate Christmas at our school? Absolutely! There is also a place for Hanukkah, Diwali, Eid, Kwanzaa, and new to us this year, St Lucia’s Day! Each student has the opportunity to share one of their family’s traditions with their peers.

There are many age-appropriate books one can borrow from the library for assistance in discussing holiday traditions, but we find many of our best discussions come directly from our families. We have had many parents and teachers throughout our 30 years come in and share their beliefs, traditions, and food.

Children are interested in learning about their peers and the differences in their beliefs. It is these wonderful experiences that create a peaceful and respectful environment at Bayside Montessori School.