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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Bayside Montessori Curriculum

At Bayside Montessori, we recognize and embrace the need to cultivate the child’s own natural desire to learn. We want each child to experience the excitement and fulfillment of learning through choice. The Montessori materials presented to the child help to facilitate that excitement, in addition to helping the child perfect all of their natural tools for learning so that his/her ability for future learning is able to reach its potential. The school environment includes specially designed materials which are appealing, generally simple, self-correcting, engaging, and child-sized.

Our Classrooms

The classrooms at Bayside Montessori School are organized into several curriculum areas, which include everyday living skills, sensory awareness exercises, language arts, mathematics and geometry, geography, history, science, art, music, movement, and foreign language basics. Each area is made up of one or more shelf units, cabinets, and display tables with a wide variety of materials on open display and ready for use by those children who have had proper introduction to that specific work. Others may request a lesson or must be invited to take part in a lesson before choosing these materials.