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Our Vision

Our vision at Bayside Montessori is to provide a broad-based education, which aims to develop the whole child physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is divided between two classrooms. The Sunbeams Classroom and the Moonbeams Classroom. Within the Sunbeams Classroom and the Moonbeams Classroom, the children are often found scattered around the room, working alone or with other students. While it may seem unorganized to some, it is actually quite the opposite and has a tremendous impact on the child. They tend to become so involved in their work that we can not help but be immeasurably impressed by the peaceful atmosphere within the classroom.

It is highly important to us that our students feel comfortable, for without that feeling, progress would never be made. Some of the tools we use in the classroom can be seen in the gallery below and each has a definitive purpose. For more information please come visit us at the Bayside Montessori School.

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