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About Us

Bayside Montessori School continually strives to uphold the core values related to the Montessori Method of education. The method is a holistic approach which develops and educates the whole child while placing emphasis on strengthening the children's creativity through art, craft, and drama. Montessori offers a unique combination of highly structured curriculum and the freedom for the child to choose his/her own activities. Every child is encouraged to follow his or her own path development - and it is because they have a choice, that Montessori children become enthusiastic learners.

Our History

The Bayside Montessori School was founded by Mrs. Helen Iacconi on March 21, 1989. It was originally located at the Westside Fellowship Christian Reformed Church on Woodbine Road, Kingston. In 1992, Melissa P. Coy purchased Bayside Montessori and the school quickly went from having 20 students enrolled in part-time positions, to 40 students in both part and full-time attendance. With the addition of a second classroom, the school was relocated to the Kingston Christian School at 1212 Woodbine Road.

"Life is a journey, not a race."


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